Stop! It’s summer time!


So it’s finely summer. The sun is shining and the girls are wearing almost nothing. What a wonderful time. So far I’ve been to Mexico and New York and I’m going to tell you about the exiting adventures I had there later but now I first have to introduce my self.

My name is Tyra, I’m 14 almost 15 years old and live in Oslo, the capital of Norway. I don’t know why I started bloging, many of my friends do it but I am not the type to follow trends. I’m not sure if my whole blog is going to be in English, I think maybe I’m going to swich between newnorweegian, Norwegian and English.

My life is about music, dancing, singing with my guitar, nature and youth (,partying), and of course my beloved friends ❤ Your friends make you who you are and they’re the family you choose your self. They’re really important to me.  So thats much of my life… well not really but that is what i like to think 😉

This was the short introduction but you can only get to know me if you read my thoughts and meanings. Oh this is going to be a blast! 😀 Bye for now

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