The Hotel Of Surrealism

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In Merida, the biggest city we lived in, we really had a problem with choosing hotel because there where so many different motels/hotels/B&B we wanted to stay at but we ended up at a really interesting hotel, witch name I can’t remember. When we walked in the door there where a big room filled with all kind of stuff. In the center there where a fountain with tortoises and three chars where lined up for no reason. We loved it there and we got a room that where ten meters from the reception. My mom and I wanted to go for a swim so we changed to swimsuits and walked down the strange halls. There where art everywhere and tables, chairs, mirrors and much more where put in the strangest places. We got to a garden with a huge jungle tree with glass circles in the lianas. It whas like walking in to a new world!

This was not the last time I stay there. I have to go back some time!

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