Minsk – part II

(I’ll do this in English for my international friends)

If you have stalked my blog you know that I went to Minsk in December last year to be one of the international guests at a youth-seminar called Forum. This was in cooperation with the Rafto foundation and we four from Norway was from Fantasiforbundet. It was lots of fun so I looked forward to this weekend. The next Forum isn’t before December, but we needed to have a meeting with some of the people making Forum to present what we do and to find out what kind of workshops we will do at Forum this year.

We went to the airport Friday afternoon and arrived in Minsk around eleven/twelve o’clock. We got delayed at Minsk airport because Jørns bag was missing. A driver brought us to some Friends of ours and we went straight to bed.
Saturday morning me and Jørn went with our hostess to a store to find some clothes for Jørn. We just got back in time to go to the location of the meeting.
We got to this kind of school that reminder me more of Michael’s Neverland mansion. We did some games and talked about larp, edu-larp and Fantasiforbundet. My main task was to run the Family Andersson (http://chambergames.wordpress.com/2009/05/29/the-family-andersson/) a cute little freeform game, made by two awesome swedes.

Saturday evening we went to what I think was a pizza place and had dinner with the lovely ladys from the meeting. After a while some friends of our hostess, whom we met last year showed up, and it was very nice to see them again! Our plan was to go to a shisa place, but it sudanly had started pouring down. We tryed to get somewere, but in order to not drow we went home. That was also very nice though.

We had mainly discussions and talks about what we had done this weekend and what we will do next Forum. We made a plan for how we will get there as well and I’m very excited for the trip in December! Ane also run the Jam session of Larp, which is great fun. Then we worked a little with the game we want to make for Forum. Sadly Ane had to go home earlier than me and Jørn so Jørn finished the session after Ane left.

When we went home we first had a couple of hours sleep, cause’ we were so tired from the traveling (and from the night before). During our sleep our awesome hostess made us traditional Belarusian dish called draniki for dinner. We also tasted it last year and it was still as good as we remembered.
Later we met up with our friends again and went bowling. I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning since I’ve not bowled for years, but it was so much fun! First round I lost really hard, but it got better and I ended on 3rd i think. It is so nice to be with the people there, they’re so nice and almost too funny 😛

Jørn and I got up at two thirty to catch the plane back to Norway. it took twelve hours because of the intermediate stop in Vienna. it was very tiresome, but we finally got back where my dad was waiting to pick us up.

I’ve had great fun this weekend despite the stress and that I’m almost dead now. Now I just can’t wait till December.

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6 svar til Minsk – part II

  1. Elise sier:

    Supersuperkoooos!! Jeg syns det er så bra at du får disse mulighetene. Det viser bare at ressurssterke jenter som du og jeg (fuck janteloven) faktisk kan bruke de tingene vi kan til å gjøre hva vi vil og reise steder (selv om du har reist en del lenger enn meg da, foreløpig har bare bloggen tatt meg til Skien men det var awesome). Fortsett med det du gjør, du er drit-tøff!

  2. Janny sier:

    Høres hyggelig ut, hehe 🙂

  3. Ole sier:

    Så kjekt da Tyra.

  4. Andrei Kushner sier:

    you should fly to Riga next time and then take a train to Minsk its way cheaper, with AirBaltic for example

    • secretmoose sier:

      That is a great idea 🙂 I know we are going to fly to Riga first and then Minsk in december, instead of flying to Frankfurt. But I’m not in charge of the trip planning, the people from Rafto is 😦

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